The Return

We had to complicate things a bit… so we decided to forget to make a visa for Mehdi! So while wanting to fly from Japan to return to Vietnam to look for all our things…

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Athens and surroundings

When we arrive in this capital, we head directly to the cheapest hotel where we booked a room. There, we meet two cyclists! They are apparently a little more valiant than us because they tell…

From Kalamata to Athens, Greece: 7.10-18.10.17

We leave Kalamata and head for the mountains. For three days, we climb the mountains and get down to the coast. The landscape is every day more magnificent than the previous one and we remain…

From Manciano (Tuscany) to Bari: 05.09-22.09.17

(Français) Enfin nous sommes arrivés à Manciano pour retrouver notre ami Manu dans une grande maison de Toscane remplie de Suisse allemands et… d’australienne et Canadiens!
Nous en profitons pour nous poser, et mettre à jour notre logistique.
Bon, nous en profitons aussi et surtout pour manger des glaces, des pizzas et passer du bon temps avec les autres!

Descent of the Rhone

Wednesday, August 2: Villars-sous-Yens to Geneva. Departure ! For this special stage since it is the first, we are lucky to be escorted by friends and family. Thanks to Emilie and Yves Gilliéron, Florian, Johanna,…