Athens and surroundings

When we arrive in this capital, we head directly to the cheapest hotel where we booked a room. There, we meet two cyclists! They are apparently a little more valiant than us because they tell us that they are pedaling 100 to 120 km every day! We still wonder how long they will take and if they allow themselves some time to enjoy the life during their travel. We have time to chat for a moment because there is no one at the hotel. After several phone calls to the manager, we learn that there is no more room… Fortunately, we find another hotel with a view on the acropolis from the roof!

In the early morning, we go to the Iran’s Embassy to make our visas. It must be said that these visas have previously requested a whole organization (have an invitation, print our insurance, our false hotel reservations …) If some travelers read our article and wonder how to get a visa, you can read this article from another blog, very detailed and still relevant in 2017 and Greece. So we are going happily to the embassy, ​ proud to understand the subways of the city, everything is fine.

But it seems too simple and we had to complicate things a little bit, so we realize, once arrived at the embassy’s address, that there is no embassy here! A nice lady explains us that there is another street of this name in Athens which is much further. Back in the subway and this time we find the embassy and everything goes well, we do not believe it!

Once the visas are “launched” we take 5 days of  holidays from the bicycle, the island of Agistri (Saronnic Islands) awaits us. A house, with walls, roof, hot water and real kitchen are offered by Alice’s parents.


Alice decides to donate her hair for people who do not have hair anymore (cancer or other disease) and can not afford a wig. She cuts the hair herself to send them to Canada (if you feel to do it too, here’s where you can send them: but there are many other associations in the world) and her hair are a disaster !! Fortunately, we find the only hairdresser on the island who somehow fixes this cataclysm.


We take the time to do nothing and rest … but we are happy to return to Athens after a while because we start to get bored and have nothing else to do that fight to each other!

In Athens, we walk a lot, we lose ourselves a little, and the most important is that we collect our visas without trouble (when the consul had seen Mehdi’s face and the name of his father, he had called his colleague to discuss …. they later explained us that if Mehdi had any relationship with Iran, the visa would be refused …).

While we are discovering the city, we walk to the government palace and meet a soldier who gives us a short history lesson of half an hour and explains us the culture of the Evzones, Parliament’s guards.

We take advantage of the big city to make our commissions and update our equipments, and it is already time to take the ferry, in the direction ofTurkey!


Watch our video here!

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