The Idea

Amazed by the vast world, we want to discover various cultures, landscapes, stories

How far are we going? The future will tell.

What are we seeking for? A better knowledge of humanity, earth and ourselves.

How are we going? We have good bikes that carry our whole house, but we also take public transport when it is needed.

Why we do it? Because we are lucky to be two people with the same desire of traveling and we think life is too short to wait for what our hearts want!

Who is us?

He is Mehdi, valiant knight of Switzerland and Tunisia, who can carry the bikes without even unpacking them and set up the camp in a minute! In his soul burns the desire to taste each country travelled, soak up every landscape, and one day perhaps, stop and coach young basketball players!

She is Alice, valiant knight from France, who can cook a memorable meal with only one pan and knows the secrets of a wise logistic! In her soul burns the desire to meet each person she sees on her way, share a smile, a few words, a few laughs, and it is a whole culture that she can meet with!