Thailand part 1

Kaki Bukit, a small village in northern Malaysia, the last before the border. It is hot and sunny as usual. The bags are ready. We are leaving for Thailand! Soon, on the road, a very steep climb opens the way. It is very steep and it is very very hot … Mehdi is soaked with transpiration … Once at the top, the bikes slide quietly downhill, we see a huge eagle! Sitting on the electric wires he looks at us and flies away when Mehdi says loud his euphoria. Luckily, he settles 100m further. We can admire him again. He is 1m tall when he is sitting. When he flies, we can admire his large size, it’s impressive.

Nothing special at the border, a big rain makes us a little wet, we cycle another 15 km and find a room to spend the night. The next morning, we have a lot of trouble to find our breakfast, which means pancakes. In Malaysia we ate it every morning 🙂 In Thailand there are some, but only in the south and it is much less common than in Malaysia. This will complicate our breakfasts, because eat rice or noodles in the morning … while we eat it already at noon and in the evening, no thank you.

While we cycle from village to village, the atmosphere of Southeast Asia leads us quietly in our journey. Its cows in these palm fields watch us out of the corner of their eyes, sometimes they jump away when they hear us, their ties not allowing them to go further. They are beautiful, rather thin, the skin looks soft, they have very large ears, it gives them a therapist look and especially they have a big bump on the bottom of the neck.

A few pedal strokes later, a snake about 2m long come on the road … We are passionate and panicked! Our brakes are tight and the foot resting, the snake is afraid of us and returns where he came from. Phew.
On the road, people shout “hello” from their hammock … or their little market … life flows slowly.
Here people are doing Thai boxing and cock fights.

Well, since we are in Thailand,  it is therefore necessary to go to rest at the seaside. It will be on the island of Koh Lanta that we will elect home for a week.

We then decide to take a bus to reach the east coast of this thin strip that is the South of Thailand. We arrive in Surat Thani and discover a beautiful evening market that offers all the culinary options of the country, including insects of course!

We then cycle three days northward along the sea. We must face the facts: apart from the beautiful touristic scenery, Thailand offers us many dirty beaches, filled with plastic, seaweed and other waste. Not only we can not bathe but it is difficult for us to meet the inhabitants of the villages, who do not speak a word of English …

After a day under a sun more and more overwhelming, we decide to let our bikes rest again and do a volunteer experience, to meet the Thais and dive into this culture for good. The train will take us to this next adventure.

Look at our photo album  here!

PS: no video unfortunately, the computer is under repair!

2 Comments on "Thailand part 1"

  1. Bonjour les amis! je suis toujours heureuse de partager votre voyage en vous lisant !
    Je vous admire beaucoup et vous envie ,mais bon à 80 ans il me reste le rêve !
    Bonne chance et un gros bec de Villars-sous-Yens

  2. bpnjour les amis
    J arrive du Portugal, super séjour. Je vous découvre rajeuni….La bonne mine d’Alice fait plaisir à voir. Tout à l’air de se passer trop bien ..Est ce que je me trompe ?. Et toi Mehdi nouveau look…
    Vous voilà dans un autre pays,trop cool….Ces superbes photos et se vécu avec tous ces gens….GENIAL.

    Ici, tout est ok.Le temps est assez doux pour la saison.aujourd’hui, il pleut mais voilà la nature en a aussi besoin.
    Courage pour la suite et je vous souhaite le meilleur. A la prochaine..Bis… Marie-José

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