Descent of the Rhone

Wednesday, August 2: Villars-sous-Yens to Geneva.

Departure ! For this special stage since it is the first, we are lucky to be escorted by friends and family. Thanks to Emilie and Yves Gilliéron, Florian, Johanna, Martin, Lena and Jack for this great momentum!


Small video to watch:

First stop at Gland to say goodbye to the Zriba family.

We arrive in the evening at Sarah’s place who generously welcomes us in Geneva in her alternative flatmate house in a building that will soon be destroyed, but in very good condition thanks to the care of roommates.

From Geneva to Saint Pierre de Bœuf:

For this stretch, we are lucky to have Jack who continues the road with us and allows us to test our equipment: 4 flat tire and a big bobo in the ankle. Result: his bike is still good and his ankle too, operational equipment!

The first two days begin intensely with rising, loss of orientation, heat. Fortunately, we find pretty places to sleep, next to small lakes on the banks of the Rhone. Bakeries become our best friends, especially on the second day when we have to look for one over 20km. Jack introduces the tradition of the second breakfast of the day, with tartlets, pastries, coffee, etc .; tradition that we will perpetuate throughout the descent of the Rhone.

The road continues quietly to Lyon where we picnic at the park of the golden head, already known to us since our last visit in the city. Then we continue south of Lyon and find a nice place on the banks of the Rhone. That night and for the first and last time of the descent, a big storm makes us feel very small and gives the idea to Alice to be struck down in the tent. The next day, we wait for the rain to calm and reach St. Pierre de Boeuf, where other friends are waiting for us.

Small video to watch:

From Saint-Pierre de Boeuf to Beauduc:

We are welcomed like kings by the grandparents of Etienne, the boyfriend of Laetitia Donnet, in Saint-Pierre de Bœuf. Joachim, Anaëlle and Elias join us, youpi !!

The next morning, departure at 11am with the troupe of people ready to ride a bicycle to Beauduc! Our days are punctuated by bakeries, cities like Valencia, mosquitoes and unexpected things like a saxophonist playing on the via Rhôna.

In Sorgues, we make a small stop at the Steiner School where Alice went to school.

Then, a resting day in Avignon to see the city of the Popes.

Sarah joins us to complete the journey with us to Beauduc.

We meet again with Jack who had left us two days earlier to meet Gabriella in Avignon.

On the road to Arles, near Montfrin, we meet a organic wine and olive who explains us his passion and generously offers us a bottle and more.

We arrive then in Arles, where we are welcomed warmly at Anne-Marie’s place who lends us her garden, her advice and her simplicity of living for two days.

We are lucky to visit the photo meeting in Arles, and this roman, ancient and artistic city.

Aurélien, Emile and Florian join us to arrive together with us at the sea … but by car!

The last stages to Camargues are under a blazing sun that knocks us. Fortunately we have good products from the region to recover during the picnics!

On the 18th of August, we arrive at the saints Mary of the sea, we did it!

We relax at the beach before heading back the next day for the last stage, Beauduc! We set up the camp there and are ready for the Namasté Caravan concert at night on the beach! Magnificent! Thanks a lot to the musicians for this magic moment! Alice’s parents are here for this special occasion as well as Léa, Lise, Camille, Igor and Marion!

The next day, the wind makes all our friends flee from us and we must face it, alone, to new horizons.

Small video to watch:

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  1. Super toutes ces photos, ça fait chaud au coeur. Namasté je vous aime. Maman, Jacqueline 💞💜💛💚

  2. Youhou trop génial de pouvoir suivre vos aventures sur votre blogue les cocos:)je me réjouis d’y découvrir la suite!

  3. Bonne continuation et surtout merci pour le partage. Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur pour la suite. Ta cousine qui t’adore: Océane. Gros bisous à vous deux ❤😗

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